'What Does This Look Like to You?' is the 4th short of Tomica Thomas & Friends.

Plot Edit

Thomas is suspiciously eyeing a tanker when he asks Percy what it looks like to him. Percy is about to a tanker when Thomas cuts him off. He wants Percy to get his answer correct, because the fate of the universe depends on it. Percy says that he is sure and is about to say tanker again when Thomas cuts him off. Percy asks Thomas if he is high. Thomas says that he is not high because he is a steam engine. Thomas asks Percy what he would get high on. Coalcaine? Thomas then says that maybe if his fireman puts ice in his boiler Instead of water. Percy then asks about the crazy talk from Thomas' stupid question. Thomas then says that it's a tanker and everyone knows it.

Characters Edit

Video Edit

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 4- What Does This Look Like To You?01:43

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 4- What Does This Look Like To You?

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