Short 40
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Air date October 1, 2015
Written by DieselD199
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A Brony on the Line The Tedious Tale of Timothy

Unstoppable is the 40th short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


A black James has a runaway with the Troublesome Trucks pushing him from behind. He tries to stop, but his brakes caught fire. Thomas catches up to him and tells him to stop, but James sarcastically tells him that he can't, so Thomas tries to couple up to him from the back, but the Guard then tells him that he doesn't have a front coupling on him. James then topples off the tracks and into a cow's field with the Troublesome Trucks dragging along. Thomas surveys the damage and decides to get help, while James sulks from running down the line.



  • This is the first CGI Episode that Thomas, James, and the Troublesome Trucks are in.