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Truck or Treat is the forty-fourth short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


Thomas was taking a goods train up Gordon's Hill. When he got to the top, The Troublesome Trucks pushed him down the hill and Thomas races past his older brother, Timothy. He races into Maron Station and into a siding. Sir Topham Hatt asked him why he was coming so fast and Thomas explains. Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas that he needs to learn more about pulling goods trains and shunting them. Meanwhile his assistants grumble about an old man talking to trains and it is revealed the engine's faces and personalities are merely a figment of Sir Topham Hatt's Imagination.



  • When Thomas says "But", he sounds quiet.



TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 44- Truck or Treat

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 44- Truck or Treat