Troublesome Trucks are the most wild and chaotic rolling stock on Sodor. 


The Troublesome Trucks didn't talk much until Troublesome Trucks, where they were told by S.C. Ruffey to push Edward down Gordon's Hill and ran into Arthur. The trucks were part of Henry's train and laughed at him. at the Suspension Bridge, The Slender Engine came and took Henry and the Demon that was in S.C. Ruffey and erased the Troublesome Trucks' minds, which Gordon had found them.

In the CGI Series, the Troublesome Trucks did lots of chaos, such as derailing an original black James into a field, pushing Thomas all the way down Gordon's Hill and into Maron on a siding, which Edward would've taken them, and one of the Narrow-Gauge trucks blocks Thomas' path on the Mainland Viaduct, with a silly joke, but Thomas jumped tracks and made his way further on the Mainland.