First Appearance The Tedious Tale of Timothy
Timothy is a LB&SCR E2 tank engine, he has six small wheels, silver paint and a number zero. He was the prototype to the E2 class and is a brother to Thomas.

Bio Edit

In the early days of the railway, Timothy was pulling a passenger train. All went well until they reached Maron, at which point he began to pick up speed. As a result of the dark force controlling him, his crew is unable to stop him as the train speeds towards the ravine. Before Timothy is able to successfully complete his dark plan, his crew manages to uncouple the coaches as the engine plunges into the ravine. The following morning, Timothy is hauled out the ravine, albeit solely for the scrap value. 

Timothy made a brief appearance in Truck or Treat, passing by as Thomas was being pushed by the trucks. 

Apperances Edit

Gallery Edit

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