Timothy is a LB&SCR E2 tank engine, he has six small wheels, silver paint and a number zero. He was the prototype to the E2 class and is a brother to Thomas.

Bio Edit

Once, James told the Story of Timothy to Thomas and Percy that one Halloween night, Timothy arrived at the station with the passenger cars. Unknown to the driver, Timothy know that he was going to do and it will cost him a heavy price. He took the train out and then as he almost to the last station, the driver put on the brakes. But, they ultimately failed and Timothy was started to go faster and faster at top speed. His driver and fireman saw that Timothy was heading towards the edge of a constructed viaduct which was being built and they tries to stop him with the controls, but it was no use. Timothy (now is scary and twisted, has black eyes, red pupils and a very deep demonic voice) yelled out that he was sending them to the scrapyard, but the Driver and Fireman quickly left Timothy for the edge and uncoupled the train. Timothy crashes through the barrier, falling off the edge and down the ravine not dead. The next day, Timothy was out of the ravine ready for work, but Sir Topham Hatt told him that he was out for the scrap medal. A month later, Thomas came to the railway and noticed Timothy's shape, but he went on going to Knapford.

Timothy was seen pulling his passenger train down the line until he saw Thomas race along the Main Line to Maron Station with the Troublesome Trucks, feeling rather confused.

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