Thomas is the No. 1 tank engine on Sodor.

First Appearance An Easter Eye-Opener

Bio Edit

When James claimed to Percy that the Easter Bunny was only a marketing Tool, Thomas refutes him and the two begin to argue about matters that have less and less to do about the Easter Bunny.

Prior to Short 3, Thomas kills Sir Topham Hatt over a donut by running him over repeatedly and posting a video of it on Youtube. When Percy confronts him about this incident, he expresses both denial and lack of concern for his deed.

Persona Edit

Thomas is a narcissistic sociopath, often uses his position as the titular character as a validation or excuse for his actions. He has a keen interest in explosives, often using them in his numerous schemes. He is friends with Percy, although he often torments him for his own amusement.

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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