The Tedious Tale of Timothy
Short 41
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Air date October 31, 2015
Written by DieselD199
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The Tedious Tale of Timothy is the forty-first short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


One Halloween night, on the Viaduct, James started to tell Thomas and Percy the Untold Story of Timothy, even though they didn't want to hear it.

In 1915, before Thomas came to Sodor, Timothy was pulling a passenger train to Maron. At Wellsworth, Timothy's Driver told him that they were off, Timothy opened his eyes that were red as they fade into black, and Timothy said "Sure Thing." As they reached Maron, Timothy didn't stop. He raced through the station to the unfinished Viaduct. The driver and fireman tried to stop him, but nothing worked, Timothy suddenly rusted and became a demon with red eyes yelling out to send them all into the scrapyard, but the Driver and Fireman uncoupled the train from Timothy, who fell down the Viaduct by accident. The next morning, Timothy was hoisted out ready for work, but Sir Topham Hatt told him he was out for the scrap medal. A few days later, Thomas was going to Knapford in his green livery when he noticed the scrap of Timothy saying it looks like him.

When James ended the story, Thomas says it sucks, which corrected that Percy was saying that James didn't get the story right and starts to tell the true story of Timothy to them, the one his Driver told him the real story.



  • This short marks Timothy's first appearance in the series.


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TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 41- The Tedious Tale of Timothy

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 41- The Tedious Tale of Timothy