The Easter Bunny
First Appearance An Easter Eye-Opener
The Easter Bunny is the bunny mascot of the Easter holiday. He has only appeared once, but is mentioned several times.


The Easter Bunny visits Sodor on Easter to deliver Easter Eggs and chocolate to the residents. He has had a run in with the Fat Controller, and is referenced multiple times by the engines.

The Easter Bunny first appeared in An Easter Eye-Opener, watching the engines while they argued about his very existence, commenting on how messed up their argument sounds.

The Tender Engines United Crew feared he would not deliver chocolate after a run in with The Fat Controller. The tender engines decided to take action to make sure he comes by the Fat Controller and bringing a large carrot to appease the Easter Bunny. He does eventually arrive, taking the carrot and leaving Easter eggs for all the engines of Sodor.