Tender Engines United
Short 2
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Air date April 17 2010
Written by DieselD199
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Tender Engines United is the second short of Tomica Thomas and Friends Shorts. Note: This short contains language and themes not suitable for children.


Gordon greets his fellow tender engines, welcoming them to the meeting of Tender Engines United. Neville asks where Thomas and Percy are, as they usually sleep at Tidmouth Sheds. Gordon responds that they killed them and sold their remains for scrap metal. He then states he was merely joking, he and Henry instead detained them in the middle of the shunting yards. Gordon then begins the first topic of discussion: Lady Gaga's anatomy. When James asks who chose the topic, Gordon blames Neville, to which James begins to chastise Neville for his choice of topic. After some discussion, they put it to a vote. When Neville further asks where the other Tender Engines are, Henry and Gordon formulate various excuses for not including them. After this, they move on to their next subject: Katy Perry's Sexuality.




TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 2- Tender Engines United

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 2- Tender Engines United