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First Appearance Troublesome Trucks (Short)
Stephen is an old engine based on Stephenson's rocket. 


In his first appearance, Stephen tells Edward to slow down after being pushed down Gordon's Hill by S.C. Ruffey and the Troublesome Trucks.  Prior to Halloween, Stephen visits Tidmouth Sheds to remind the engines of the rules for the holiday. Stephen warns everyone of a Halloween Spirit who is responsible for enforcing the rules. However, many of the engines dismiss Stephen's lecture as the ramblings of an old man. A few days later Stephen attends the Halloween party at Knapford Station, making certain all the necessary preparations have been made. When the Slender Engine attacks the engines gathered at the party, Stephen is one of the engines captured in the ensuing chaos. However, once the Slender Engine is caught by the Halloween Spirit, Stephen and all the other engines return, finding themselves derailed and dazed by the occurrence.