Star Of The Special
Short 49
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Air date December 13, 2017
Written by DieselD199
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A Decade of Madness TBA
Star of the Special is the Forty-ninth short of Tomica Thomas and Friends

Plot Edit

Henry is given a special goods train to the Mainland, to which Henry is greatly elated to finally be the star of a special. Thomas has other plans however, orchestrating an elaborate scheme involving Percy and Edward at Vicarstown, which causes Henry to derail and dangle over the edge of Vicarstown Station. With Henry incapacitated, Thomas can now take the special himself. Sir Topham Hatt arrives, instead assigning the special to James. The next morning, Thomas had also removed a section of track at Vicarstown, causing James to crash as well.

Thomas is quite pleased with his efforts, intent on doing whatever it takes to be the star of every special. Once he reaches the climax of the special however, he is fed up with his involvement and invokes his immunity as the title character to save himself from the molten slag pit. 

Characters Edit


  • This short marks Henry's first appearance in CGI.
  • The Troublesome Trucks were going to be part of Henry's Goods Train at the start, but were scratched out and replaced with faceless Trucks, Vans, Tankers, and Slate Trucks.
  • This short parodies the 2017 Thomas & Friends 2017 Special Journey Beyond Sodor

Gallery Edit

Video Edit

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 49 Star of the Special (Journey Beyond Sodor Crash Parody)-0

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 49 Star of the Special (Journey Beyond Sodor Crash Parody)-0

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