Slender Engine - The Eight Trucks is the 20th Tomica Thomas and Friends Short.

Slender Engine - The Eight Trucks
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Short 20
Vital statistics
Air date October 30, 2012
Written by DieselD199
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The engines in the shed are all dressed up for Halloween, except Percy. Sir Topham Hatt arrives to ask one of the engines to collect the trucks of food for the party which Edward lost in the forest. While Henry eagerly volunteers, Sir Topham Hatt instead chooses Percy. Despite his protests, Sir Topham Hatt assigns Percy before leaving to dress up for the party (as Slender-Man). The engines engage in a discussion about the Slender-Man, eventually transitioning to the Slender Engine, a specter who haunts the forests of Sodor and is supposedly responsible for the disappearances of Duke, Stepney, and all the one-offs Hit introduced.

Percy enters the forest to collect the 8 trucks. Upon finding the trucks, strange phrases are scrawled on the side. All through-out, Percy hears puffing in the darkness. After collecting three trucks, the Slender Engine appears, and Percy rushes away in fear. However, the slender engine is revealed to merely be the discarded bodies of scrapped engines. A costumed Edward also emerges from the shadows, intrigued by the scrapped engines.



  • When Thomas was telling Percy about The Slender Engine, The Slender Engine can be seen behind Thomas.
  • The episode was inspired by the horror game "Slender - The Eight Pages"
  • The Slender Engine makes his first appearance.