S.C. Ruffey is a ballast truck who is the Leader of the Troublesome Trucks.


S.C. Ruffey wasn't seen around much until Duck was possessed with a Demon and the engines used Rusty to wait and S.C. Ruffey for the Demon's trap. It went to a success and Mavis pushed the possessed S.C. Ruffey away.

S.C. Ruffey was used in Edward's goods train still possessed with the Demon and orders the Troublesome Trucks to push Edward down the hill, through Knapford station, and crashed into Arthur. S.C. Ruffey was later seen in Thomas' nightmare of cheap merchandising.

Before the Halloween Party at Knapford, S.C. Ruffey was part of one of Henry's goods train for the night, and was still being possessed, and teased Henry after an Owl hooted and Gordon ran by, making the Troublesome Trucks laugh at him. During the trip, they stopped at the bridge, bewaring of the Slender Engine. The Slender Engine appeared and absorbed Henry and the Demon within S.C. Ruffey. In the morning, Gordon finds Henry's goods train derailed and that the Troublesome Trucks have erased memories, except for S.C. Ruffey, who didn't remember how he got derailed.