Milk and Cookies is the 23rd Short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


Its Christmas Time on the Island Of Sodor, and the engines are preparing for the annual Christmas Party at Tidmouth Sheds. As Rocky is setting up the tree, James arrives with the lights for the tree and the shed. Shortly later, Henry brings Milk, Cookies and Carrots for Santa Claus and his reindeer. Despite Henry's concerns he did not bring enough, Gordon reassures him that their efforts are needlessly excessive. 

With preparations complete, the engines gather and enjoy each other's company, before falling sleeping, he was leaving a supply of milk and cookies for Santa. When Santa arrives however, he finds his cookies to have been eaten. Following a trail of crumbs, Santa finds Sir Topham Hatt eating his cookies, paying Sir Topham Hatt out for his misdeeds. 




TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 23- Milk & Cookies

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 23- Milk & Cookies