Journey Beyond Realism
Short 47
Vital statistics
Air date June 14, 2017
Written by DieselD199
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Thomas, Percy & The Pony A Decade of Madness
Journey Beyond Realism is the forty-seventh short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.

Plot Edit

Thomas was on the Mainland having an adventure to see some new sights until he saw one of the Narrow Gauge Troublesome Trucks on the line making a good potty humor. Thomas stops just in time and asks the truck if he was okay, but the truck said "All I can see is another truck's backside!", so Thomas jumps on to a different track and heads on his way. He arrived at a small yard and backing next to him was an Cab-Forward Experimental Engine named Bertieberesufferfuffersford and starts talking, so Thomas decides to leave the Mainland and return to Sodor and runs off, leaving Bertieberesufferfuffersford all alone.

Characters Edit


  • This short marks Bertieberesufferfuffersford's first and only appearance in the series.
  • From this short onwards, the engines perform non-static body movements when they speak or look in different directions, similar to ChuggingtonBob the Builder, and Pixar's Cars.

Gallery Edit

Video Edit

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 47- Journey Beyond Realism (Journey Beyond Sodor Trailer Parody)01:47

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 47- Journey Beyond Realism (Journey Beyond Sodor Trailer Parody)

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