Full Dream Ahead!
Short 35
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Air date July 22, 2014
Written by DieselD199
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Joke's on You Trick Or Treat
Full Dream Ahead! is the thirty-fifth short of Tomica Thomas and Friends


At Tidmouth Sheds, each of the sleeping engines have bad dreams:

  • Thomas dreams that he and his friends are cheap merchandising, namely Wooden Railway and Ertl. 
  • Percy discovers that he is the the island of Sodor is deserted. However, he discovers that Edward is the only other engine, and that there is no mail train. 
  • Gordon arrives at the Station, demanding his coaches. However, the tables are turned as Gordon is a tank engine while Thomas is a tender engine!
  • In James' dream, he finds himself shunting trucks in the yard.
  • Henry arrives at Knapford Station, reveling in the nice day. His day is quickly ruined however. when a giant Thomas appears, he destroys the station. 


  • This short marks Dennis, 'Arry, Bert, Hank, Salty and Billy's first appearances in the series.