An Easter Eye-Opener
Short 1
Vital statistics
Air date April 13, 2010
Written by DieselD199
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N/A Tender Engines United
An Easter Eye-Opener is the first short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.

Plot Edit

An annoyed Percy came into the yard to ask if Thomas and James had found any Easter Eggs since he hadn't. Thomas and James agreed on telling Percy the truth, but James misinterpreted Thomas and instead of telling Percy the Easter Bunny was scared to come due to his encounter with The Fat Controller last year, he bluntly informed the little green tank engine the Easter Bunny is merely a marketing tool created by Cadbury after Valentine's Day didn't generate enough. Shocked, Percy chuffed away, leaving Thomas, who was trying in vain to make it seem James was wrong to engage in a silly argument with James, while the Easter Bunny observed all this from behind a shed, remarking the two engines had very serious problems.

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

  • A Yard

Merchandise Lines Edit

  • Plarail

Techinques Involved In Production Edit

  • Face modification for different emotions
  • An image of the Easter Bunny

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit


Title Card

Video Edit

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 1- An Easter Eye-Opener01:48

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 1- An Easter Eye-Opener

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