A Decade of Madness
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Short 48
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Air date August 23, 2017
Written by DieselD199
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Journey Beyond Realism Star of the Special
A Decade of Madness is the Forty-eighth short of Tomica Thomas and Friends.


James is puffing down the line when Percy speeds past him. James tells him to watch his paintwork and then asks himself if he even has paint and what he was even made of. Meanwhile, Percy pulls up next to Thomas in the shed and is about to tell Thomas that Sir Topham Hatt had been murdered. When Thomas cuts Percy off, he tells him that this is a family-friendly show now. Thomas says that DieselD199 is a sellout and DieselD199 (as a god) Hears Thomas and they get into an argument. Thomas says that the CGI doesn't have the charm of the toys. A lightening bolt appears and strikes Thomas. Percy is about to say Thomas that DieselD199 has struck Thomas, Percy cuts himself off and says You... Well you... Oh gosh diddly doodly dang it. Then Thomas appears next to the shed and says that the Thomas in the shed was just a clone. Lady then appears next to Thomas. DieselD199 says that he doesn't remember modelling Lady's face. Lady starts to float, with gold dust coming from her wheels. She laser-eyes DieselD199 and he falls from the sky in Plarail Capsule Mini-figure form. Lady, The two Thomas' and Percy start to eye him with anger. They chase him down the line. While being chased, DieselD199 tells the viewers to click the video on the screen and subscribe to his channel. He then says that he really wants the gold play button.



  • This short marks the first of several things:
    • Lady's first appearance with a face.
    • DieselD199's first appearance in an episode.
  • A reference to Something's Up With Thomas is made.



TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 48- A Decade of Madness

TOMICA Thomas & Friends Short 48- A Decade of Madness