A Brony on the Line
Short 39
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Air date May 18, 2015
Written by DieselD199
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A Brony on the Line is the 39th short and the 1st short in CGI.


Gordon rushes along the main line with the express, proud to be the fastest engine on Sodor (in the Railway Series anyway). However, his Driver spots something on the line ahead of them, applying the brakes to avoid a collision. Upon closer inspection, Gordon and his driver realize that the track is blocked by a pony. When the pony proceeds to spout catchphrases, Gordon proceeds to run it over. Shortly later, Percy arrives on the scene searching for his missing pony, Quite distraught to see what has become of his beloved pet.



  • This short is the first installment of Tomica Thomas and Friends to be produced in CGI. Accordingly, Gordon and Percy also make their appearance as CGI models.
  • This short parodies the Railway Series story and subsequent TV Series episode A Cow on the Line.